Safety Buddy


Acton is a well-known brand for its work boots and safety footwear. The priority of Acton’s designers is the workers’ safety and consumers’ comfort. Like millions of Canadians, trust the Acton quality. Try the experience of The Ultimate Footwear Protection!

Cofra is an Italian shoe manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. It is a leader in the safety shoe business and is a world-renowned company. Cofra constantly invests in research and development, in order to offer innovative technology solutions to consumers.


Dunlop is a pioneer and leader in PU boots made in the Netherlands and Portugal. Dunlop has revolutionized the field of safety boots by introducing its PU boot about 15 years ago. Well known on the market for their flexibility and resistance, they are very popular in the Canadian market.


Magnum Boots evolved out of Hi-Tec Sports, the footwear company founded in 1974. Today this brand is sold in over 100 countries around the globe. Magnum is one of the industry leaders for Law Enforcement, Ambulance, Fire, Security, Healthcare and Service, Construction and Industrial professionals.


Mellow Walk safety shoes are designed and made in Toronto and meet the demanding needs of today’s workers looking for comfort and durability. The lasts are designed to support all-day wear and are created for a generous, comfortable fit. The Mellow Walk environmentally friendly Gold-Rated leathers are from tanneries committed to good stewardship and audited by the international Leather Working Group.


With over 25 years of experience, NAT'S has established itself as a leading designer and distributor of comfortable and durable workwear that meets the highest standards of workers. The safety boots and shoes offered by NAT'S are specially designed to provide the necessary protection and durability required for construction sites. 


STC is a safety footwear Canadian brand founded in 1989 that has earned a great reputation on the market. The STC footwear collection includes products created for the general public as well as technical high-end products.