Safety Buddy



Dunlop is a pioneer and leader in PU work boots made in the Netherlands and Portugal. Dunlop was born back in 1888, by a Scottish veterinarian named John Boyd Dunlop.

In 1927, Dunlop teamed up with Liverpool Rubber Co Ltd and expanded his production with protective footwear. And hence the Dunlop boot was born. Offering comfort, protection and durability.

The 1980 year when Purofort was invented, a unique material with millions of evenly distributed air pockets, making it extremely lightweight and thermally insulated. The cross-linked structure of the material provides flexibility and strength. Almost 40 years later, there’s still no other work boot that is as lightweight and strong as a Purofort boot, thanks to the special recipe that has been kept secret to this day.

Nowadays Dunlop safety footwear is known all across the world for its durability, flexibility and lightweight.